Young And Ambitious

To the young and ambitious pregnant school girl,

You carry within you a precious pearl,

A life that will be yours to mold,

A story that is waiting to be told.

I know that you may feel scared,

Uncertain of what the future may have prepared,

But I want you to know that you are strong,

And you have the power to overcome any wrong.

You are not defined your circumstance,

Nor limited your current stance,

For greatness lies within your heart,

And it’s time for you to make a start.

Let the love you carry within you,

Guide you through the challenges you’ll go through,

Let it inspire you to dream big,

And to never give up on the journey you’ll dig.

Remember that life is not always fair,

But you have the strength to persevere,

With each passing day, you’ll grow stronger,

And your will to succeed will last longer.

So, young and ambitious pregnant school girl,

Embrace the journey, and give it a whirl,

For your story will be one to inspire,

And your legacy will be one to admire.

Ochwo Nicholas

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