War Aftermath

The war has ended, the guns are still,
But the wounds are deep and they never will heal.
The broken hearts, the shattered dreams,
The loss of life, the silent screams.

The land is scarred, the cities razed,
The skies are black, the earth is glazed.
The smell of death, the taste of fear,
The endless pain, the endless tears.

Families torn apart, homes destroyed,
The memories lost, the hopes devoid.
The children orphaned, the parents gone,
The soldiers fallen, the battles won.

But in the midst of all this pain,
There’s still a glimmer of hope, a tiny flame.
For in the hearts of those who survived,
There’s a strength and a will to thrive.

To rebuild the homes, to plant new seeds,
To heal the wounds, to meet new needs.
To honor the fallen, to cherish the living,
To never forget the sacrifice given.

For though the war may have ended,
Its aftermath will never be mended.
But we can strive for a better tomorrow,
And ease the burden of sorrow.

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