The Leader

A leader stands with head held high,
Their gaze fixed on a distant sky.
With heart so strong and spirit bright,
They guide their people through the night.

They do not falter, nor do they sway,
For they know what they must do each day.
Their path is clear, their goal in sight,
And they lead their people towards the light.

With words of wisdom and gentle care,
They lift their people from despair.
They listen to each voice and thought,
And lead their people as they ought.

In times of trouble, they do not flee,
But stand tall for all to see.
Their courage and strength are a shining light,
And they guide their people through the fight.

A leader is more than just a name,
It’s a calling, a role in life’s great game.
And those who answer this noble call,
Are the ones who rise and never fall.

So let us honor those who lead,
And follow them wherever they may lead.
For they are the ones who shape our fate,
And lead us towards a better state.

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