Stand Strong

When the road ahead seems rocky and steep,
And the flame of love begins to flicker and sleep,
When doubts and fears make your hearts heavy,
And you wonder if your love can weather the levy,

Remember why you said “I do” on that special day,
And the promises you made as you went on your way,
Remember the moments that made your hearts sing,
And the joy that you felt as you exchanged rings.

Your love is a fire that can never be quenched,
If you nurture it with patience and love that’s entrenched,
It’s a journey that’s worth all the bumps and the strife,
For the reward at the end is a beautiful life.

So hold on to each other, through the good times and bad,
And cherish the moments, both happy and sad,
For the struggles you face are just a part of the story,
Of a love that endures, and shines in its glory.

And know that with each day that passes, your bond will grow stronger,
As you learn to communicate and love each other longer,
For in the end, it’s the love that you share,
That will carry you through, and always be there.

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