Promises Of A New Day

The perpetual cadence of the vast sea
Stirs a restless desire that engulfs me.
Like an infinite force I dare not impede,
Briefly rushing in – only to then recede.
Beckoning me to leave life’s safe shore,
Into deep waters of mystery and lore.

The seagulls’ cries seem to taunt me,
To follow them over the endless sea,
Where I’d be free to spread my wings
And discover the new life the sea brings.
Yet, fear holds me fast to a familiar place,
Away from the unknown trials I may face.

Even the ocean’s waves seem to conspire,
Relentlessly calling to stoke curiosity’s fire,
As they rumble ashore with impatient haste,
Swirling about my feet with purpose chaste,
Urging me to follow as they return to the sea,
Leaving a luring trail of life or its relics for me.

Shall I boldly explore the sea’s possibilities,
Or allow imagined worries to be liabilities?
Although I cannot foretell all the sea offers,
The strong desire to enrich my mind’s coffers
Begs me to obey the sea’s enticing siren song
And let its wandering currents carry me along.

As the day slowly wanes on the sea’s horizon,
I ponder the sea’s glittering trail to the sun,
Inviting me to watch its vibrant dying light,
Before the day’s life gives way to the night.
Still, I lingered a while after it faded away,
Wondering about the promises of a new day.

Belinda Stotler

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