Passionate Love

In the realm of love, where emotions intertwine,
Let me paint a verse, a passionate design.
As nature weaves its tapestry divine,
I’ll use its beauty to express love thine.

Does the rose, adorned with thorns, compare
To the ardor within my heart, so rare?
Its petals, delicate, hold secrets untold,
Like the whispers of love, tender and bold.

Oh, how the wind, a messenger unseen,
Carries the sighs that my soul convenes.
Does it dance through trees, with a gentle sway,
As our spirits entwine, in love’s sweet ballet?

Tell me, do the stars in the midnight sky
Witness the fire that burns, you and I?
Do they twinkle with envy, or merely bestow
Their blessings upon us, as love continues to grow?

Like rivers that flow, eternally serene,
Does our love meander, a sacred routine?
Does it cascade and fall, with passion untamed,
Like a waterfall’s rush, forever unclaimed?

Oh, let me compare your eyes, my love,
To the vast ocean, endless and above.
Do they hold mysteries, deep and profound,
Like the sea’s hidden depths, where love is found?

In the sunlight’s embrace, do you feel my touch?
As gentle as a breeze, I love you so much.
Does the earth itself rejoice, beneath our feet,
As our love blossoms, tender and sweet?

With every petal, every gust, every bloom,
Nature echoes the love that fills this room.
Rhetoric questions, in the language of love,
Whispering secrets, like a cooing turtledove.

So let nature be our guide, our symphony,
As we embrace love’s glorious harmony.
With every verse, let our hearts intertwine,
Forever entwined, in love’s grand design.

Ochwo Nicholas

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