Nature; a canvas painted with green,
A work of art, a masterpiece unseen,
A place of solace, of peace and calm,
A sanctuary that needs no balm.

The winds that blow, the waters that flow,
The birds that sing, the flowers that grow,
All these treasures that we hold dear,
Are slowly fading, they disappear.

We take for granted, what’s always been there,
We pollute and plunder, without a care,
The consequences of our actions,
Are grave and serious, we need to take precautions.

Let’s preserve what’s left, let’s protect,
The forests, the oceans, let’s not neglect,
The creatures that call them home,
Let’s not leave them to roam.

We can make a difference, we have the power,
To save our planet, our Earth, in this hour,
Let’s plant trees, let’s reduce waste,
Let’s recycle, let’s not make haste.

For the sake of our future, our children’s too,
Let’s work together, let’s start anew,
Let’s be responsible, let’s be wise,
Let’s conserve nature, let’s open our eyes.

Ochwo Nicholas

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