Love’s Rhetoric Dance

In the realm of love, where passion takes flight,
Allow me to weave a poem, pure and bright.
With questions that dance upon the page,
Unveiling emotions in this heartfelt stage.

Could there be a star that shines as bright,
As the love that twinkles in your eyes at night?
Does the sun envy the warmth of your smile,
That melts my heart in its gentle style?

What secret language does your heartbeat speak,
When it quickens near, making me feel weak?
Do whispers of your name on the wind,
Hold the promise of a love that will not rescind?

Is there a symphony that only we can hear,
When our souls entwine, drawing near?
Could the universe fathom the depth we share,
As we journey together, a perfect pair?

Does time stand still when our hands embrace,
Defying the world in an intimate space?
Can the moon capture the essence of our love,
And shower us with blessings from high above?

Are the roses envious of your delicate grace,
Yearning to caress the beauty of your face?
Could the nightingale’s song ever compare,
To the melodic whispers we willingly share?

Tell me, my love, can you hear my heart’s plea,
As it sings a love song, meant for only thee?
For in these questions, I humbly express,
That you, my dear, are my eternal happiness.

So let our love journey with unanswered queries,
For in their mystery, our love shall flourish and flourish.

Ochwo Nicholas

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