Love is like the trees that sway and sing
Whistling their melody in the breeze
Roots deep and strong, grounded and true
Growing together, forever anew

Love is like the flowers that bloom
Petals unfurling, colors in tune
Soft and delicate, yet bold and bright
A fragrant gift, a sweet delight

Love is like the river that flows
Meandering through the hills and valleys below
Constantly moving, yet always the same
Finding its way, as it plays the game

Love is like the sun that shines
Warming our hearts, lighting our minds
Bringing life and joy to all that it touches
Guiding us through our trials and brushes

Love is like the stars that twinkle above
Guiding us home, with their light and love
Shining bright, in the darkness of night
A beacon of hope, forever in sight

Love is like nature, a force to be reckoned
Enduring and strong, a constant beckon
With its power, we can overcome all
And rise above, standing tall.

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