In Memory

Today we gather to say goode
To someone dear who touched our lives.
A soul so pure and full of light,
Has left us now, to our great plight.

But though we grieve and feel the loss,
Let’s not forget the memories and the cause.
For in the time that we were blessed,
Our lives were better for this guest.

Their laughter, kindness, love and care,
Were gifts that we’ll forever bear.
And though they’ve gone, we will hold fast
To all the memories of the past.

We’ll miss their voice, their touch, their smile,
But they’ll live on in us for a while.
So let us cherish all they gave,
And honor them, as they find peace in their grave.

Farewell dear friend, may you rest in peace,
And know you’ll always be loved and missed.

Ochwo Nicholas

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