If Love Is A Poem

If love is a poem, then let it rhyme,

With every beat of our hearts, in time.

Let the words flow freely from our souls,

A beautiful verse that forever unfolds.

Let love be the ink that we use to write,

A story of passion, that takes flight,

With each word, a deeper connection we make,

A bond that nothing can ever break.

And like a poem, let love be full of wonder,

A world where two hearts beat as one in thunder,

A place where we find solace in each other’s arms,

And where we can always find love’s sweetest charms.

So let us write this poem of love with care,

With every word, a promise we declare,

That we will love and cherish each other always,

And that our love will last through all our days.

Ochwo Nicholas

3 thoughts on “If Love Is A Poem

  1. It’s a beautiful thing to love and to be loved. Most importantly to be loved right just like christ loved the church.
    Thank you for the beautiful piece

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