Enchanting Ode To Nature

Oh, Nature, thou wondrous muse divine,
What splendid beauty in thy design!
With every season’s gentle touch,
Thou paintest landscapes that move me much.

Tell me, who spins the silver threads
That weave through meadows as the sun sheds
Its golden rays upon the earth,
Giving birth to a symphony of mirth?

Is it thou, dear Nature, who sculpts the hills,
Caressing each contour with tender skills?
Thy gentle hand guides rivers’ flow,
As they meander with grace below.

And what of the trees, so tall and grand,
With branches reaching, like outstretched hands?
They dance and sway to the wind’s sweet song,
Whispering secrets that belong.

The flowers, too, in vibrant array,
Blossoming forth in radiant display,
Their fragrant breath perfumes the air,
A sweet embrace that all can share.

Oceans vast, with depths unknown,
Mysteries concealed, yet to be shown,
Thy mighty waves crash on the shore,
A reminder of power we can’t ignore.

In mountains high, majestic and proud,
Thy majesty is truly endowed,
Peaks piercing the heavens with awe,
Inviting us to seek and explore.

Oh, Nature, thou art a masterpiece,
A testament to beauty that will not cease.
In thy presence, I find solace and peace,
A sanctuary where worries cease.

So, let me ponder, dear Nature sublime,
How wondrous it is to call thee mine.
Thy charms and wonders shall forever be,
An eternal source of awe for me.

Ochwo Nicholas

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