Dearest Mother

In the realm of love and tender grace,
A beacon of light, her angelic face.
With gentle touch and heart so kind,
A mother’s love, the greatest find.

Oh, dearest mother, blessed divine,
Your love and care forever intertwine.
Through life’s storms, you are my guide,
In your warm embrace, I safely reside.

When darkness falls upon my weary soul,
You’re the one who makes me whole.
You wipe away my tears of sorrow,
Turning them into a brighter tomorrow.

In your eyes, I see boundless devotion,
A love that defies all earthly notion.
With every word of encouragement spoken,
My spirit soars, my heart unbroken.

You taught me strength when I was weak,
Inspired me to dream, the heights to seek.
You nurtured my dreams, helped them take flight,
Believing in me when I doubted my own might.

Your selflessness, an unwavering force,
A beacon of love, an unending source.
You sacrificed, with a heart so pure,
For every joy and success I secure.

Your touch is healing, your embrace divine,
With each hurdle faced, you’re my side.
In your arms, I find solace and rest,
A sanctuary where my soul is truly blessed.

Through every trial, through every test,
You held my hand, my fears suppressed.
Your love, a fortress, never to falter,
A foundation strong, built with love’s mortar.

So, on this day, with heartfelt plea,
I thank you, mother, for all you’ve given me.
Your love, a masterpiece, a work of art,
Forever etched within my grateful heart.

No words can capture the depth I feel,
For you, the love that time can’t steal.
In every breath I take, your love resides,
Guiding me forever, as life unwinds.

Oh, dearest mother, my eternal guide,
In your arms, I forever confide.
This epic poem, a tribute to thee,
For the love you’ve given unconditionally.

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