Dear Child

Dear child, whose dreams are so big
But lacks the funds to buy a gig
To learn and grow, to reach the sky
And leave your mark, don’t be shy.

Remember, dear one, that passion is key
It fuels the fire that sets us free
And though fees may seem a hurdle high
Your heart can soar beyond the sky.

With every obstacle, a chance to rise
To push and strive, and claim your prize
For knowledge, like the stars above
Is free to all, a gift of love.

So hold your head up high, my dear
And let your dreams chase away your fear
For though the path may not be clear
Your passion and drive will take you near.

And though the road may wind and bend
With every step, a chance to mend
The dreams you hold so dear inside
Will light the way, and be your guide.

So study hard, with all your might
And let your passion be your light
For with each new lesson, you will see
Your future shining bright and free.

Ochwo Nicholas

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