African Woman

In the heart of Africa’s sun-kissed land,

Stands a woman with beauty that’s simply grand,

Her skin, rich as the earth’s warm clay,

And her smile, bright as the break of day.

Her hair, coiled like the vines of a tree,

Framing her face, so elegant and free, Her eyes, deep as the river Nile,

Reflecting the beauty of her native soil.

Her curves, a work of art in motion,

Moving with grace and divine emotion,

Her voice, sweet like a songbird’s call,

Melodic and soothing, enchanting us all.

With each step, she commands the room,

Her presence radiates like the morning bloom,

Her spirit, fierce like the savannah’s lion,

With a heart full of love, her beauty’s undeniable.

So here’s to the African queen,

With her regal charm and majestic sheen,

May her beauty forever shine bright,

Guiding us towards a future of hope and light.

Ochwo Nicholas

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