A Leader

With words both firm and kind,
A leader guides with grace of mind.
In troubled times they stand steadfast,
Their presence a beacon, bright and vast.

They inspire us to reach our goals,
And lift our spirits when they’re low.
Their vision clear, their wisdom sound,
They lead us to solid ground.

With courage and conviction, they take charge,
And lead us through the stormy barrage.
Their leadership skills, unmatched and strong,
Guide us through life’s challenges, long.

They bring out the best in us,
And help us reach our full potential thus.
With their guidance and unwavering support,
We rise to great heights and achieve much more.

So here’s to the leader, brave and true,
Whose leadership roles inspire anew.
We’re grateful for all they do each day,
And for the difference they make in every way.

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